Gothic Economics: Gothic Literature and Commercial Society in Britain, 1750–1850. 2020. University of Victoria. PhD Dissertation. UVicSpace.

Peer-Reviewed Journal Articles

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Book Chapters

Seatter, Lindsey, Alyssa Arbuckle, Randa El Khatib, Ray Siemens, Daniel Sondheim, and Caroline Winter with the ETCL and INKE Research Groups. “Pragmatic Explorations Toward Understanding Wikipedia in an Academic Context.” Vielfalt und Integration – diversitá ed integrazione – diversité et integration: A Festschrift for Elisabeth Burr. In press.

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Book Review and Bibliography

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Encyclopedia Entries

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Other Publications

“The Future is Meta: Five Revolutionary Ideas for Cataloguing and Metadata in Libraries and Archives.” (Job Talk) Humanities Commons CORE. October 2019.

Prologue. El Mortal Immortal. By Mary Shelley. Translated by Katherine Escobar. Illustrated by Luis Peña Álvarez. Ediciones Plazadeletras. (Invited contribution)

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