Memoir and Correspondence of Susan Ferrier, 1782–1854 (1898)

Identifier: SF02
Creator: Ferrier, Susan, 1782-1854
Title: Memoir and Correspondence of Susan Ferrier, 1782–1854
Full Title: Memoir and correspondence of Susan Ferrier, 1782-1854. Based on Her Private Correspondence in the Possession of, and Collected by, her Grand-Nephew John Ferrier
Date: 1898
Publisher: John Murray
Location: London
Contributor: John Ferrier; John A. Doyle
Type: Text
Format: Book
Genre: Personal correspondence
Physical Medium:
Subject: Susan Ferrier (1782–1854)
Language: English
Relation: Portrait of Susan Ferrier (SF01)
Rights: Public Domain, via Wikimedia Commons
Source Name: Wikimedia Commons
Source Link:
Additional Source:

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