PhD, English Literature (ABD)
University of Victoria. Expected completion in fall 2020
Dissertation Title: Gothonomics: Gothic Literature and Commercial Society in Britain, 1750–1850

University of Alberta, incoming class of 2020 

Learning and Teaching in Higher Education (LATHE) Graduate Certificate
University of Victoria, 2019

Certificate in Publishing
Ryerson University (Toronto), 2010

MA, English Literature
University of Toronto, 2005

BA Honours, with Distinction, English literature and Psychology
University of Toronto, 2004

Professional Development at the Digital Humanities Summer Institute (DHSI)

Databases for Digital Humanists, 2019. Instructors: Harvey Quamen and Jon Bath

Text Analysis with Python and the Natural Language Toolkit, 2018. Instructor: Aaron Mauro

Drupal for Digital Humanities Projects, DHSI, University of Victoria, 2017. Instructors: Quinn Dombrowski and Erica Cavanaugh

Conceptualizing and Creating a Digital Documentary Edition, 2016. Instructors: Jennifer Stertzer, Erica Cavanaugh, Cathy Moran Hajo

Out-of-the-Box Text Analysis for Digital Humanities, 2015. Instructor: David Hoover

Understanding the Pre-Digital Book, 2015. Instructors: Matt Huculak, Justin Harrison, Mary Elizabeth Leighton, Lisa Surridge, Robbyn Lanning

Digitisation Fundamentals and their Application, 2014. Instructors: Robin Davies, Michael Nixon

Introduction to XSLT for Digital Humanists, 2013. Instructors: Syd Bauman, Martin Holmes